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60-9A-1      Definition of terms.
60-9A-2      Rights of employees--Labor organizations--Collective bargaining.
60-9A-3      Collective bargaining unit as exclusive representative of employees--Individual grievances excepted.
60-9A-4      Administration and enforcement.
60-9A-5      Jurisdiction of department over labor disputes and grievances.
60-9A-6      Determinations as to composition of bargaining unit--Certification.
60-9A-7      Investigation of bargaining unit questions--Election by employees--Waiting period before reconsideration.
60-9A-8      Tentative settlements--Recommendations to employer and bargaining units.
60-9A-9      Implementation of labor agreements--Failure to bargain in good faith.
60-9A-10      Request for departmental intervention on failure to agree--Other procedures allowed.
60-9A-11      Repealed.
60-9A-12      Unfair practices by employers.
60-9A-13      Unfair practices by collective bargaining units.
60-9A-14      Closed shop and agency shop contracts not authorized.
60-9A-15      Repealed.

Title 60
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