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5-18D-1      Classification of supplies.
5-18D-2      Estimates of projected purchases.
5-18D-3      Pooling of combined estimated needs.
5-18D-4      Electronic procurement.
5-18D-5      Expert advice and assistance.
5-18D-6      State contract list.
5-18D-7      State bidders list.
5-18D-8      Procurement management internal service fund created.
5-18D-9      Rejection of bids to procure more advantageously elsewhere.
5-18D-10      Drawing, signing, and filing of contracts.
5-18D-11      Cancellation or price adjustment for changing market conditions.
5-18D-12      Suspension or debarment of business for cause.
5-18D-13      Printing contracts--Penalty.
5-18D-14      Printing office not to accept contracts from private individuals or organizations.
5-18D-15      Inscription listing publisher, number of copies, and cost of publication per copy.
5-18D-16      Soybean-based inks.
5-18D-17      Professional services exceeding fifty thousand dollars.
5-18D-18      Evaluation criteria to be stated in request for proposals.
5-18D-19      Discussion and negotiation of project.
5-18D-20      Register of proposals for professional service contract--Confidential information.
5-18D-21      Exemption of certain professional service contracts.
5-18D-22      Effect on time deadline in contested case.
5-18D-23      Notice of intent to purchase property or liability insurance or performance bonds.
5-18D-24      Bureau record keeping.
5-18D-25      Motor vehicle procurement.
5-18D-26      State auditor stop order.
5-18D-27      Appeal of state auditor stop order.

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