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36-9-1      Definition of terms.
36-9-1.1      Legislative findings, policy and intent.
36-9-2      Evidence of qualification and license required to practice nursing.
36-9-3      Scope of registered nursing practice.
36-9-3.1      Functions performed by nurse anesthetist--Collaboration with physician.
36-9-3.2      Settings in which anesthetic functions performed.
36-9-4      Scope of licensed practical nursing practice.
36-9-4.1      Additional functions after special training of licensed practical nurse.
36-9-5      Appointment and composition of board.
36-9-6      Citizenship and residence requirements of board members--Oath of office.
36-9-7      Professional qualifications of registered nurse members of board.
36-9-8      Education and experience requirements for licensed practical nurse members of board.
36-9-8.1      Qualifications of public members of board.
36-9-9      Terms of office of board members--Appointment.
36-9-9.1      Repealed.
36-9-10      Repealed.
36-9-11      Removal of board members.
36-9-11.1      Board continued within Department of Health--Records and reports.
36-9-12      Employment of executive secretary--Qualifications.
36-9-13      Repealed.
36-9-14      Duties and compensation of executive secretary.
36-9-15      Delegation of activities to executive secretary.
36-9-16      Employment of other persons by board.
36-9-17      Meetings of board--Election of officers.
36-9-18      Quorum of board.
36-9-19, 36-9-20. Repealed.
36-9-21      Promulgation of rules by board.
36-9-22, 36-9-23. Repealed.
36-9-24      Deposit and withdrawal of fees received--Annual accounting--Compensation and expenditures paid from fees.
36-9-25      Balance of fees held by board--Use of fees.
36-9-26      Repealed.
36-9-27      Repealed.
36-9-28      Practices not prohibited by chapter.
36-9-28.1      Repealed.
36-9-29      Board to examine, license, certify and renew licenses and certificates.
36-9-30      Proof of education required of registered nurse.
36-9-30.1      Qualifications of nurse anesthetist.
36-9-31      Examination required for registered nursing license--Issuance of license.
36-9-31.1      Temporary permit for applicant pending examination--Practice under supervision required.
36-9-31.2      Temporary anesthetist permit pending examination results.
36-9-32      Licensing of registered nurse from another state.
36-9-32.1      Temporary permit for applicant holding license from another state.
36-9-32.2      Temporary anesthetist permit issued to applicant from another state.
36-9-33      Repealed.

36-9-34, 36-9-34.1. Repealed.
36-9-35      Fees required of registered nurses.
36-9-36      Title used by licensed registered nurse or certified registered nurse anesthetist.
36-9-37      Proof of education required for practical nursing license.
36-9-38      Examination required for licensed practical nursing license--Issuance of license.
36-9-38.1      Temporary permit for licensed practical nursing pending examination--Practice under supervision required.
36-9-39      Licensing of licensed practical nurse or vocational nurse from out of state.
36-9-39.1      Temporary permit for licensed practical nurse from out of state.
36-9-40      Repealed.
36-9-41      Omitted.
36-9-42      Repealed.
36-9-43      Fees required of licensed practical nurses.
36-9-44      Title used by licensed practical nurse.
36-9-45      Biennial renewal of license--Expiration date--Notice by board--Fee--Period of renewal.
36-9-45.1      Biennial renewal of certificate--Expiration date--Procedure.
36-9-46      Application for inactive status--Fee.
36-9-47      Reinstatement of lapsed license or certificate--Fee.
36-9-47.1      Evidence of current nursing skill required for reinstatement.
36-9-47.2      Issuance of limited license to nurse enrolled in reentry program--Duration--Application for license or renewal certificate on completion of program.
36-9-48      Repealed.
36-9-49      Grounds for denial, revocation, or suspension of license, certification, or application.
36-9-49.1      Physical or mental condition as ground for denial, revocation or suspension--Examination--Immediate suspension upon failure to submit.
36-9-50      Repealed.
36-9-51      Repealed.
36-9-51.1      Hearing required for license or certificate revocation, suspension, or reissuance.
36-9-51.2      Disciplinary proceedings to conform to administrative procedure.
36-9-51.3      Majority of entire board required to suspend, revoke, or reissue license or certification.
36-9-51.4      Appeal by aggrieved party from board actions.
36-9-52 to 36-9-56. Repealed.
36-9-57      Reissue of revoked or suspended license or certification.
36-9-58      Approval by board of curricula and educational standards.
36-9-58.1      Repealed.
36-9-58.2      Application by institution to provide educational program.
36-9-58.3      Survey of educational program of applicant institution--Interim approval.
36-9-58.4      Denial of approval of educational program.
36-9-59 to 36-9-63. Repealed.
36-9-64      Survey of approved programs in state--Report to board.
36-9-64.1      Fee and expenses for survey of educational institution.
36-9-65      Repealed.
36-9-66      Notice to institution of failure to maintain educational standards.
36-9-67      Withdrawal of board approval on failure to correct deficiencies.
36-9-67.1      Educational programs conducted or sponsored by board.
36-9-68      Prohibited acts--Misdemeanor.
36-9-69      Single act as proof of violation.
36-9-70      Board to prosecute violations.
36-9-71      Unlicensed practice of nursing as public nuisance.
36-9-72      Application by board for injunction to prevent unlawful practice--Election of remedies--Temporary injunction.
36-9-73, 36-9-74. Omitted.
36-9-75      Repealed.
36-9-76      Nurses' education assistance scholarship.
36-9-77      Funding for education assistance scholarship program.
36-9-78      Qualification criteria for education assistance scholarship.
36-9-79      Number and distribution of scholarships from education assistance program.
36-9-80      Restrictions on distributions from education assistance program.
36-9-81 to 36-9-83. Repealed.
36-9-84      Definition of durable medical equipment or therapeutic device.
36-9-85      Evidence of qualifications required for license as clinical nurse specialist.
36-9-86      Requirements for license as clinical nurse specialist.
36-9-87      Practice of a licensed clinical nurse specialist.
36-9-88      Title used by clinical nurse specialist.
36-9-89      Temporary permit for clinical nurse specialist awaiting exam results.
36-9-90      Temporary permit for out of state licensed clinical nurse specialist applicant--Issuance date and termination date.
36-9-91      Promulgation of rules establishing fees.
36-9-92      Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact.
36-9-93      Head of nurse licensing board defined.
36-9-94      Practice privileges--Power of board to limit or revoke.
36-9-95      Nursing workforce center established--Funding.
36-9-96      Powers of nursing workforce center.
36-9-97      Criminal background investigation of applicants and licensees subject to disciplinary investigation--Cooperation required--Fees.

Title 36
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