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36-35-2 Appointment of board members--Terms--Vacancy.
     36-35-2.   Appointment of board members--Terms--Vacancy. The board consists of five members appointed by the Governor. The terms of the initial members of the board shall be staggered by the drawing of lots with three of the initial members serving a term of three years, two of the initial members serving a term of two years, and one of the initial members serving a term of one year. Any subsequent term on the board is three years. One member of the board shall be a person not licensed by the board. Four members of the board shall be persons licensed by the board. The Governor shall fill any vacancy by appointment to complete the unexpired portion of that member's term. No person may serve more than three consecutive full terms on the board. The appointment to an unexpired term is not considered a full term.
     The terms of members begin on October thirty-first of the calendar year in which the Governor appoints the member, unless otherwise designated by the Governor. The appointee's term expires on October thirtieth in the third year of appointment.
     Any member's term ending June 30, 2013, or thereafter is extended to October thirtieth in the year the term is to expire.

Source: SL 2005, ch 206, § 2; SL 2012, ch 16, § 14; SL 2013, ch 176, § 8.

Chapter 36-35

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