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36-28-1      Definition of terms.
36-28-2      Board for administrators--Appointment, qualifications, and terms of members.
36-28-3      Vacancies on board--Removal of members.
36-28-4      Officers of board--Rules--Employment of personnel.
36-28-5      Board continued within Department of Health--Records and reports.
36-28-6      Unlicensed acting as administrator as misdemeanor.
36-28-7      Injunction to prevent violations--Election of remedies.
36-28-8      Exemption from medical educational qualifications for applicants certified by church or religious denomination.
36-28-9      Adoption of rules by board for determining qualifications and competence of administrators--License holders deemed qualified.
36-28-10      Adoption of rules by board to develop, impose, and enforce licensing standards.
36-28-11      Examination and investigation techniques developed and applied by board--Fees.
36-28-12      Age, character, training and examination requirements for administrator's license.
36-28-12.1      Criminal background investigation of applicants for licensure and licensees under disciplinary investigation--Fees.
36-28-13      Emergency permit pending examination--Duration of permit--Adoption of rules--Fee.
36-28-14      Issuance of license without examination to license holder from another jurisdiction.
36-28-15      Initial fee for license.
36-28-16      Transfer of license not authorized--Period of validity of license.
36-28-17      Issuance of licenses by board--Revocation or suspension of license for cause.
36-28-18      Expiration and renewal of license--Fee.
36-28-18.1      Duplicate licenses.
36-28-18.2      Application for inactive status--Reactivation--Fee.
36-28-19      Biennial renewal of license--Procedure by board.
36-28-20      Continuing study and investigation of nursing facilities and administrators.
36-28-21      Instruction and training courses conducted by board--Approval of courses by board.
36-28-21.1      Promulgation of rules by board.
36-28-22      Procedures by board to ensure compliance with standards.
36-28-23      Action by board on charge or complaint of administrator's noncompliance.
36-28-24      Review of denial, suspension, or revocation of license.
36-28-25      Disposition of fees--Establishment and use of state Board of Examiners for nursing facility administrators fund.
36-28-26      Deposit and investment of funds by board.
36-28-27      Municipal, county or state licensing, registration, or tax requirements.
36-28-28      Severability of provisions.

Title 36
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