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34A-2-11 Water quality standards--Factors considered--Objectives--Violation.
     34A-2-11.   Water quality standards--Factors considered--Objectives--Violation. The Water Management Board shall promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 to establish water quality standards and to classify water according to its beneficial uses. The board shall consider environmental, technical, social, and economic factors and present use, persons adversely affected, natural background waters in relationship to the contaminants and pollutants contained in the waters, existing degradation, and irretrievable man-induced conditions placed on those waters. The standards shall protect the public health and welfare and the use of the waters for public water supplies, propagation of fish and aquatic life and wildlife, recreational purposes, and agricultural, industrial, and other legitimate uses in accordance with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act as amended to January 1, 2011. A violation of standards promulgated pursuant to this section is subject to § 34A-2-75.

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Chapter 34A-2

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