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34-14-21 Definition of terms used in §§ 34-14-21 to 34-14-24.
     34-14-21.   Definition of terms used in §§ 34-14-21 to 34-14-24. Terms used in §§ 34-14-21 to 34-14-24, inclusive, mean:
             (1)      "Genetic information," information derived from a genetic test about a gene, gene product, or inherited characteristic;
             (2)      "Genetic test," a test of human DNA, RNA, chromosomes, or genes performed in order to identify the presence or absence of an inherited variation, alteration, or mutation which is associated with predisposition to disease, illness, impairment, or other disorder. Genetic test does not mean a routine physical measurement; a chemical, blood, or urine analysis; a test for drugs or HIV infection; any test commonly accepted in clinical practice; or any test performed due to the presence of signs, symptoms, or other manifestations of a disease, illness, impairment, or other disorder;
             (3)      "Predictive genetic test," a genetic test performed for the purpose of predicting the future probability that the person tested will develop a genetically related disease or disability.

Source: SL 2001, ch 184, § 1.

Chapter 34-14

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