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32-4-1      Duty of law officers to report stolen or recovered vehicles--Holding vehicles.
32-4-2      Repealed.
32-4-3      Check of attorney general's files and examination of application before issuing certificate of title.
32-4-4      Unauthorized tampering with motor vehicle--Misdemeanor.
32-4-5      Receiving or transferring possession of vehicle known to have been stolen--Felony--Provision supplementary to other penalties.
32-4-6, 32-4-7. Repealed.
32-4-8      Certificate forms--Unauthorized possession prohibited--Violation as felony.
32-4-9      Alteration or removal of vehicle identification number prohibited--Violation as felony.
32-4-10      Possessing vehicle, trailer, or part with altered or removed identification number prohibited--Violation as felony.
32-4-10.1      Forfeiture of vehicle, trailer or component part--Return to lawful owner not precluded--Assignment of identification number.
32-4-10.2      Forfeiture proceeding--Time of hearing--Standard and burden of proof--Release to owner on condition of obtaining identification number.
32-4-11      Unauthorized possession of manufacturer's identification plate prohibited--Violation as felony.
32-4-12      Impounding vehicle or part believed stolen--Disposition.
32-4-13      Trafficking in stolen vehicles or parts--Felony.
32-4-14      Seizure of property on arrest for trafficking--Forfeiture.
32-4-15      Disposition of forfeited property.
32-4-16      Giving false information concerning vehicle registration or titling as felony.
32-4-17      Repealed.

Title 32
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