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     32-15-17.   Exhaust system and muffler required--Exhaust location--Muffler cut-out prohibited--Misdemeanor. No person may drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless the motor vehicle is equipped with an exhaust system and a muffler both in good working condition and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise.
     Exhaust systems on passenger or passenger-carrying vehicles used on any highway shall discharge the exhaust fumes at a location to the rear of the vehicle body or direct the exhaust fumes outward from the side of the vehicle body at a location rearward of any operable side windows. Any motor vehicle equipped with side exhaust according to the original vehicle manufacturer specifications is exempt from the location requirements. A bus used for the purpose of carrying school children may discharge the exhaust on the left side in front of the rear axle.
     Exhaust systems on property-carrying vehicles used on any highway shall discharge the exhaust fumes at a point rearward of the passenger-carrying compartment.
     No person may use a muffler cut-out on any motor vehicle upon a highway.
     A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Source: SDC 1939, § 44.0350; SL 1977, ch 189, § 107; SL 1977, ch 261; SL 1986, ch 132, § 4; SL 1989, ch 255, § 33; SL 2002, ch 157, § 1.

Chapter 32-15

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