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58-18A-1 to 58-18A-7.      Repealed.
58-18A-8      Repealed.
58-18A-9 to 58-18A-14.      Repealed.
58-18A-15 to 58-18A-52. Repealed.
58-18A-53      Definitions.
58-18A-54      Allowable expenses defined.
58-18A-55      Expenses that are not allowable.
58-18A-56      Exclusion of certain expenses.
58-18A-57      Plan defined--Types of coverage considered in coordination of benefits to be stated.
58-18A-58      Contracts and coverages included within definition of plan.
58-18A-59      Contracts and coverages not included within definition of plan.
58-18A-60      Application date.
58-18A-61      Promulgation of rules concerning coordination of health plan benefits.
58-18A-62      Prohibited grounds for reduction of benefits.
58-18A-63      Restriction on excess or secondary benefits provisions.
58-18A-64      Closed panel plans.
58-18A-65      Prohibition on reduction of benefits for coverage not qualifying as plan.
58-18A-66      Order of benefit payments.
58-18A-67      Coordination of benefits only available to secondary plans.
58-18A-68      Order of benefits determined under §§ 58-18A-69 to 58-18A-74.
58-18A-69      Plan covering person other than as dependent.
58-18A-70      Plan covering dependent child.
58-18A-71      Plan covering person as active employee.
58-18A-72      Coverage under COBRA or right of continuation.
58-18A-73      Plan covering person for longer period of time.
58-18A-74      Sharing of allowable expenses equally.
58-18A-75      Calculation of amount to be paid by secondary plan.
58-18A-76      Plan providing benefits as services.
58-18A-77      Coordination of benefits of complying and noncomplying plans.
58-18A-78      Noncomplying secondary plan to advance difference covered person would have received if complying plan had been secondary plan.
58-18A-79      Subrogation distinguished.
58-18A-80      Paying of claim where plans disagree on order of benefits.
58-18A-81      Time for bringing existing contract into compliance with statutory requirements.
58-18A-82      Proceedings not subject to statutory requirements.
58-18A-83      Duties, rights accrued, and offenses committed prior to July 1, 2007.

Title 58
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