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55-3-39 When state law or jurisdiction provision valid, effective, and conclusive.
     55-3-39.   When state law or jurisdiction provision valid, effective, and conclusive. Except as expressly provided by the terms of a governing instrument or by a court order, a general law or a state jurisdiction provision stating that the laws of this state govern is valid, effective, and conclusive for the trust if all of the following are true:
             (1)      Some or all of the trust assets are deposited in this state or physical evidence of such assets is held in this state and the trust is being administered by a qualified person; in this subdivision, deposited in this state, includes being held in a checking account, time deposit, certificate of deposit, brokerage account, trust company fiduciary account, or other similar account or deposit that is located in this state including South Dakota investments;
             (2)      A trustee is a qualified person who is designated as a trustee under the governing instrument, a successor trusteeship, or designated by a court having jurisdiction over the trust; and
             (3)      The administration, for example, physically maintaining trust records in this state and preparing or arranging for the preparation of, on an exclusive basis or a nonexclusive basis, an income tax return that must be filed by the trust, occurs wholly or partly in this state.
     The State of South Dakota and its courts have jurisdiction over a trust created in a foreign jurisdiction if the administration of the trust meets the three requirements set forth in this section.
     Nothing in this section may be construed to be the exclusive means of providing a valid effective and conclusive state jurisdiction provision.

Source: SL 1998, ch 282, § 20; SL 2004, ch 312, § 6; SL 2010, ch 232, § 3.

Chapter 55-3

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