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23-7-1      Definitions applicable to chapter.
23-7-1.1      Antique or nondischargeable firearms excepted.
23-7-2      Repealed.
23-7-3      Repealed.
23-7-3.1 to 23-7-6.      Repealed.
23-7-7      Permit to carry concealed pistol--Statewide validity--Background investigation.
23-7-7.1      Requirements for issuance of temporary permit--Time requirement--Appeal of denial.
23-7-7.2      Liability of issuing authority.
23-7-7.3      Reciprocity with other states--Conditions.
23-7-7.4      Nonresident permit to carry concealed pistol--Validity in South Dakota--Application.
23-7-7.5      Temporary permit--Active duty military personnel.
23-7-7.6      Time requirement for INTERPOL check.
23-7-8      Application for permit--Form and contents--Distribution and retention of copies--Issuance of official permit.
23-7-8.1      Form and contents of permit.
23-7-8.2      Duration of permit--Fee.
23-7-8.3      Permit issued to specific person--Transfer prohibited.
23-7-8.4      Revocation of permit--Procedure.
23-7-8.5      Repealed.
23-7-8.6      List, record, or registry of privately owned firearms, owners of firearms, or holders of permits prohibited.
23-7-8.7      Application of firearm confidentiality provisions.
23-7-8.8      Law enforcement officer not restricted in performance of official duty under specified circumstances.
23-7-8.9      Retention of data by law enforcement officer limited.
23-7-8.10      Access restricted to application, record, or registry of holders of permits.
23-7-9      Pistol to be delivered wrapped and unloaded--Violation as misdemeanor.
23-7-10      Repealed.
23-7-11      Regulation does not apply to sale of pistols at wholesale.
23-7-12      False information or false evidence of identity to secure pistol or permit as felony.
23-7-13 to 23-7-17.      Repealed.
23-7-18      Sale of pistol by retail dealer--Restrictions--Misdemeanor.
23-7-19      Repealed.
23-7-20      Repealed.
23-7-21 to 23-7-23.      Repealed.
23-7-24      Superseded.
23-7-25 to 23-7-39.      Repealed.
23-7-40, 23-7-41. Repealed.
23-7-42      Repealed.
23-7-43      New serial number engraved or stamped on firearm.
23-7-44      Possession of pistols by minors prohibited--Misdemeanor.
23-7-45      Exceptions to prohibition against possession of pistols by minors.
23-7-46      Prohibited transfer of firearms and ammunition to juveniles--Felony.

23-7-47      Prosecuting attorney's report to attorney general of certain names for reporting to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
23-7-48      Attorney general's transmission of certain names to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
23-7-49      Petition for restoration of right to possess firearm.
23-7-50      Hearing for restoration of right to possess firearm--Confidentiality of record--Order.
23-7-51      Submission of order restoring right to possess firearm for reporting to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Title 23
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