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1.           Name and Boundary.
2.           Division of The Powers of Government.
3.           Legislative Department.
4.           Executive Department.
5.           Judicial Department.
6.           Bill of Rights.
7.           Elections and Right of Suffrage.
8.           Education and School Lands.
9.           Local Government.
10.           Municipal Corporations [Repealed]
11.           Revenue and Finance.
12.           Public Accounts and Expenditures.
13.           Public Indebtedness.
14.           State Institutions.
15.           Militia.
16.           Impeachment and Removal From office.
17.           Corporations.
18.          Banking and Currency.
19.           Congressional and Legislative Apportionment.
20.           Seat of Government.
21.           Miscellaneous.
22.           Compact with the United States.
23.          Amendments and Revisions of the Constitution.
24.          Prohibition [Repealed].
25.           Minority Representation [Rejected].
26.          Schedule and Ordinance.
27.          State Control of Manufacture and Sale of Liquor [Repealed].
28.          County Investment of Permanent School and Endowment Funds.
29.          State Elevators, Warehouses, Flouring Mills, and Packing Houses.

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