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CHAPTER 74:05:11



74:05:11:01        Definitions.

74:05:11:02        Eligible systems.

74:05:11:03        Annual public hearing on proposed intended use plan.

74:05:11:04        Amendment of intended use plan.

74:05:11:05        Project priority determined by points.

74:05:11:06        Project priority rating system.

74:05:11:06.01   Green infrastructure priority points.

74:05:11:07        Priority list bypass procedures.

74:05:11:08        Amendment of priority list.

74:05:11:09        Deadline for application.

74:05:11:10        Repealed.

74:05:11:11        Amount of financial assistance.

74:05:11:11.01   Principal forgiveness as part of assistance agreements.

74:05:11:11.02   Principal forgiveness amount determination.

74:05:11:12        Application requirements

74:05:11:12.01   Application review and completeness determination.

74:05:11:12.02   Facilities plan submittal.

74:05:11:12.03   Environmental determinations.

74:05:11:13        Eligible use of funds.

74:05:11:14        Set-asides.

74:05:11:15        Financial security.

74:05:11:15.01   Repealed.

74:05:11:16        Duration of assistance.

74:05:11:17        Assistance agreement interest rate.

74:05:11:18        Loans to disadvantaged communities.

74:05:11:18.01   Disadvantaged loans to project sponsors acting on behalf of a disadvantaged community.

74:05:11:19        Repealed.

74:05:11:20        Assistance agreements.

74:05:11:21        Disbursement of funds.

74:05:11:22        Repealed.

74:05:11:23        Accounting methods and audits.

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