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CHAPTER 67:42:10




67:42:10:00        Definitions.

67:42:10:01        Statement defining purpose and function.

67:42:10:02        Qualifications for director or proprietor.

67:42:10:02.01   Qualifications for individual responsible for program planning and staff supervision.

67:42:10:03        Transferred.

67:42:10:04        Repealed.

67:42:10:05        Qualifications of staff members.

67:42:10:06        Staff development and training.

67:42:10:06.01   Staff orientation.

67:42:10:07        Staff-child ratio.

67:42:10:08        Repealed.

67:42:10:09        Staff records and hiring requirements.

67:42:10:10        Program standards.

67:42:10:11        Standards for discipline.

67:42:10:12        Parental involvement.

67:42:10:13        Nutrition requirements.

67:42:10:14        Health standards for day care children.

67:42:10:15        Medications.

67:42:10:16        Building plans.

67:42:10:17        Compliance with environmental health standards required -- Environmental health survey.

67:42:10:18        Fire and life safety.

67:42:10:19        Physical standards for facility.

67:42:10:20        Night-time care.

67:42:10:21        Repealed.

67:42:10:22        Staff responsibility for reporting suspected in-house incidents of child abuse or neglect.

67:42:10:23        Center procedures for handling suspected in-house child abuse.

67:42:10:24        Storage for personal items.

67:42:10:25        Staff person trained in first aid and CPR must be on site during hours of operation.

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