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Rule 24:43:11 CURRICULUM

CHAPTER 24:43:11




24:43:11:01        Number of required credits for graduation from high school -- Personal learning plan required.

24:43:11:02        Specific units of credit required for high school graduation.

24:43:11:03        Criteria for providing instruction over distance by electronic media.

24:43:11:04        Specific units of credit required for high school graduation -- Standard high school program.

24:43:11:05        Specific units of credit required for high school graduation -- Distinguished high school program.

24:43:11:06        Repealed.

24:43:11:07        Required high school unit offerings.

24:43:11:08        Testing requirements.

24:43:11:09        Course equivalency exam.

24:43:11:10        Students may complete standard high school program or change to recommended high school program.

24:43:11:11        End-of-course exams -- Submission date -- Approval -- Training.

24:43:11:12        End-of-course exams -- Align to blueprint -- Prohibited questions.

24:43:11:13        End-of-course exam item refreshment -- Approval.

24:43:11:14        End-of course exams -- Different versions -- Student retest.

24:43:11:15        End-of-course exam security procedures.

24:43:11:16        Submission of test data.

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