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Rule 20:48:04:02.02 Criteria for approval of course for preparation of licensed practical nurses for kidney dialysis functions.

          20:48:04:02.02.  Criteria for approval of course for preparation of licensed practical nurses for kidney dialysis functions. Using information supplied in the written factual report required by § 20:48:04:02.01, the board shall base its decision to grant approval of a course for preparation of licensed practical nurses for kidney dialysis functions on the following criteria:

          (1)  Cooperating institutions or agencies must be licensed or approved by local or state agencies or governing bodies;

          (2)  The director and instructional staff of the program must meet the qualifications of faculty in a practical nurse program as defined in § 20:48:07:25 or a registered nurse program as defined in § 20:48:07:26;

          (3)  The director must have adequate financial support to provide for the full achievement of the stated objectives;

          (4)  The number and qualifications of the instructional staff must be such as to ensure the effective performance of their functions and the achievement of the objectives of the course. Instructors must be registered nurses currently licensed to practice as a registered nurse in South Dakota;

          (5)  The instructor/student ratio in the clinical setting must not exceed 1:8;

          (6)  Student eligibility policies must require that each student be currently licensed as a practical nurse in South Dakota;

          (7)  Criteria for determining student progress must be developed and used by the instructional staff in the evaluation of the students at intervals throughout the course;

          (8)  Written policies and procedures on dismissal and student progress shall safeguard the rights of both the students and the institution or agency conducting the course and must be available to the students;

          (9)  Before issuing a certificate of achievement, the institution or agency conducting the course must require a student to complete the course with a score of at least 85 percent on a written examination and with a satisfactory practical demonstration of skills as recorded on a performance check list;

          (10)  The director of the course must forward copies of certificates of achievement to the board;

          (11)  The course must be offered for academic credit or continuing education units at the discretion of the cooperating agency or institution providing the course;

          (12)  Competency evaluations must be completed for all students. The course must be followed by supervised clinical practice to demonstrate clinical competence. Verification of clinical competence must be provided by a signed affidavit from a licensed registered nurse;

          (13)  The report on curriculum must include a description of all course content, instructional activities, and clinical experiences which are planned and guided by the instructional staff. The curriculum must be based on current nursing practice and must reflect the philosophy and objectives of the course;

          (14)  The course content for the topic of kidney dialysis must be organized as follows:

               (a)  Anatomy and physiology;

               (b)  Assessment;

               (c)  Problem identification;

               (d)  Goals of care;

               (e)  Purposes and procedures;

               (f)  Complications;

               (g)  Evaluation and documentation;

          (15)  Evaluation procedures for the course must include a final written examination and a demonstration of clinical skills. The evaluation of the demonstration of skills must be recorded on a performance check list. Copies of the evaluation instruments must be included with the report.

          Source: 13 SDR 49, effective October 27, 1986; 20 SDR 159, effective April 5, 1994; 22 SDR 23, effective August 29, 1995; 26 SDR 174, effective July 4, 2000.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-9-4.1, 36-9-21.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-9-4.1, 36-9-58.

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