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50-11-1      Operation of aircraft not registered with federal Department of Transportation as misdemeanor.
50-11-2      Public aircraft--Aircraft licensed by foreign country.
50-11-3      Exceptions--Test flights.
50-11-4      Operation of aircraft without pilot's certificate as misdemeanor--Exceptions.
50-11-5      Possession of pilot's certificate--Posting of aircraft registration certificate--Decal--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-11-6      Presentation of certificate for inspection on demand--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-11-7      Proof of certification or noncertification.
50-11-8      Registration of federal certificates--Fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-11-9      Application for registration of aircraft--Failure to register as misdemeanor--False statement as felony--Civil penalty.
50-11-10      Registration by department--Tax payment--Rejection of registration--Fee disposition.
50-11-11      Expiration of registration.
50-11-12      Schedule of registration fees--Nonpayment as misdemeanor.
50-11-13      Repealed.
50-11-14      Fees--Aircraft more than ten years old.
50-11-15      Fees--Part-year registration.
50-11-16      Payment of delinquent fees and taxes prerequisite to registration.
50-11-17      Fees--Minimum registration fee.
50-11-18      Repealed.
50-11-19      Additional tax for original registration--Nonpayment as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.
50-11-19.1      "Purchase price" defined.
50-11-19.2      Rate of additional tax on sale of aircraft held under use stamp or dealer certificate or conversion to dealer's own use.
50-11-20      Aircraft to which additional tax applies--Exceptions and exemptions.
50-11-21      Computation and collection of additional tax--Disposition of receipts.
50-11-21.1      Jeopardy assessment of additional tax--Lien--Distress warrant--Bond.
50-11-21.2      Lien for tax or penalty.
50-11-21.3      Repealed.
50-11-22      Endorsement of registration certification and notice to department by transferor of aircraft--Violation as misdemeanor or felony.
50-11-23      Application by transferee for certificate of registration-- Violation as misdemeanor or felony--Time endorsed certificate becomes void.
50-11-24      Repealed.
50-11-25      Exceptions to state registration requirements--Government aircraft.
50-11-26      Exceptions to state registration requirements--Military aircraft.
50-11-27      Exemption of nonresidents from local registration for noncommercial activities--Failure to register after ninety days as misdemeanor.
50-11-28      Exceptions from local registration requirements--Interstate or foreign commerce.
50-11-29      Exceptions to state registration requirements--Model aircraft.
50-11-30      Exceptions from local registration requirements--Student pilots--Prospective purchasers--Dual-controlled aircraft.
50-11-31      Loss or destruction of registration certificate--Issuance of duplicate--Affidavit and fee--False statement as felony.
50-11-32      Repealed.
50-11-33      Forgery or alteration of certificate or permit as felony.

50-11-34      Repealed.
50-11-35      Application of original registration tax to leased aircraft.
50-11-36      Photo identification badge required for airport and airline employees--Promulgation of rules--Scope of rules.

Title 50
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